Friday, 30 March 2012

Cambodian version of las vegas

I meet this two odd good looking, not so typical Swedish guys Anton and Andreas in their young twenties when I was staying on the beautiful otres beach in Shianoukville.

We had a great time to begin with,
we were always enjoyed the life on the relaxed beach with great people and the chilled atmosphere.
They often went to a place called happy hippie where you can get access to different drugs and hang around with different bargirls during the night.
I weren't so much into hang out with bargirls and all that and tried to explain it to them,
then they were try to convince me that
there's nothing wrong with it as long you respect what they're doing instead of
judging what's wrong because after all closing your eyes
just beacuse It's seem to be not normal isn't neccearily mean that you should ignore it.
Then the other argument was that it's a good way to meet locals.
I agreed in some parts with what they were saying.

One night they wanted to take me out for a "ride" in the Cambodian 'Las Vegas' Shianoukville like Anton described it himself,
I thought there's no happy vegas about this Country just explotation of poor people.
They had heard about a place called the Chicken Farm that no one really knew it if it existed, supposed to be something out from the ordinarie.

One night they were ready to go for this crasy idea and I decided to join it afterall, We rent a Tuk Tuk for 12hours which only cost us about $15 including a driver.
we had this fifty eight years old english guy Simon that we meet on the beach, which had been a heroine addcict most of his live and spending some time around in Cambodia.

We're started off go to happy hippie get the drugs we needed, then they headed out to the not so famous "Chicken farm"
I was not so much into this idea, but just wanted to see what they're doing, but decided to not get involved in any sort of affairs.

The tuktuk driver took us abit outside the city and passed something which looked like a closed gas station with alot of big Trucks surronding us, there was no light.

then he drived onto a small path and there was a sign saying "Welcome to the chicken farm". I thought it was a bit ironic. There was small ruined houses were people were sitting and watching Tv. Kids and chickens were running around in the front of their house.
The first thing I thought was this is not a happy place on earth.

Womens were screaming "hello, come here from everywhere"...
Simon stopped by and got himself a blowjob for eight bucks he said

The tuktuk driver went on to another house and were doing buisness with a fat lady outside this house.
then when he came back back he said I get you some girls from Vietnamn only 18, It will only cost you $25.
Then I understood this was all about human trafficking.

Two young girls came outside with tears in their eyes and I could almost feel what they've been through and I really didn't feel like I wanted to be here.

Then they jumped on the tuktuk and he drived us to a small very ruined shuffle somewhere in the darkness where it was a strange smell I cannot describe.

I sat outside, had an cigarette with tuktuk driver and he told me that many of this girls are exported by big trucks from Vietnamn And Myanmar.
The ages can start from 8years old,
then I felt bit disgust, the guys came back with the girls after about 10minutes and said it was too horrible.
They said that the girls were crying and there was full of blood on the sheets. I remember Andreas said "you connect much better with hookers if you're on coke"

I told the tuktuk driver I wanna get out from this place now and went to a backpacker bar and meet some french travellers.

It took me a while to recover from this disgusting place. A couple of weeks after when we were in Phenom Penh Andreas felt in love with a cambodian prostitute
and took her to phenom penh and start buy her clothes then decided to start travel with her. He even thought about bring her to Sweden.

We end up splitting up from here and I decided to travel bymyself again which probaly was a good idea.

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