Friday, 30 March 2012

cricket and meditation

the only way to find yourself is to be honest.
a few days ago, I had an good conversation with an Indian journalist working for BBC 
who had been arrived in Melbourne for writing about the Cricket Cup.
I told him about my experience in India particularly Ladakh, how pure people were.
nothing artifical have being put into their brains

He agreed with me and recommend me a meditation course were you 
are not allowed to speak for fitfteen days.
I asked him what the thought behind this course was. 
Then he explained it happend to be a way to develop your thinking
to a higher level and find out how big distance from your mind to the speech itself.
It's shocking different, we'll see how much influence and lies we truth ourself with.
Most of the time there's no personal thoughts. Just words influeced from what's being around you.
Your original own thougt is so deep inside your mind that it can't even be found when looking for it.
That's why the course has been created. literally to find your original mindset since you were borned.

The orginal source state of mind is hard to find
and doesn't show up unless you dont really want it too.
then you need to close your mouth and focus on your mind which is like a lost universe.

ingenting ar som det borde vara. ingenting ar som det verkade vara. 
ingenting ar verkligt. allt vackert ar nagot som en gang fanns dar men forsvann av ett slag.
lyckan ar inte langre sann. 
folk har en illusion om att dem ar lyckliga men vet inte om den ar verklig.
nagonstans finns den. den dar kanslan som aldrig gick att fa ett grepp om men alltid funnits brevid.

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