Tuesday, 4 December 2012

NZ wilderness

I lived on a organic place in a tipi locked away from the outside world on the west coast of the south island for a couple of weeks. one clear day I climbed up alone to the top of  the mountains and through the top of the valleys to reach the water that you can see on the map below and the water at the end. I explored some of New Zealand's untouched wilderness, 
spent two nights up there in a tent off the ridge with a stunning view.

 It was definitely some of the best wilderness experience I have ever experienced so far but unfortunately my camera battery went flat the first night so couldn't get photos of the best views I had but here's something

For more photos in a better quality  : 

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  1. Vilka underbara bilder! ├ľnskar jag kunde dela dessa upplevelsewr med Dig. Kram mamma